How Marketing Department Works

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How Marketing Department Works

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How Marketing Department Works! The function of marketing department in any organization is very important in today’s world. This department is generally responsible for development and implementation of marketing strategies. It also plans for the company which includes creation of corporate brand, create awareness of products and services.

Marketing Department Responsibilities

Depending on the organization the marketing department is responsible for following functions.

Development of marketing strategies

Marketing Department develops and executes  strategies , it also prepare plans for the organization in accordance with the business and strategic objectives.

Promotion of company products

To create visibility of the corporate brands and promotions of company’s products and services.

Marketing Budgets

Marketing department also prepares annual budgets in accordance with annual business plans and performs its monitoring throughout the year.

Building of relationships

Establishment and managing relationships with external agencies and service providers is also main working of of marketing.

Negotiation of marketing contracts

Marketing department negotiate and manage contracts, and act as the organization liaison with the vendors / service providers which is necessary for establishing delivery timelines.

Creation of new business opportunities

Manage end-to-end marketing related activities to boost business and creation of new business opportunities.

Discounts campaign performed by marketing department increases sales of an organization

How marketing department works during campaigns 

Marketing department performs design and develop marketing campaigns, promotional deals and engagement plans products/services with third parties. Organizations run media campaigns through advertisement in media via approved media agencies of the organization.

The marketing department assess the detailed campaign plans presented by the media agencies which includes evaluation of price / cost of the campaign, target audience, requirements and fulfilment of business requirement.

Research work of products and campaigns

Manage pre and post researches, analysis of product sales & brand performance against campaigns conducted by the organization.

Who monitors customer trends 

Marketing department monitors customer trends and perceptions for various products & services being offered by the Organization.

How new products awareness is created

Developing internal and external communication of new products and services to the organization.

How marketing department works for website and social media administration

Marketing Department performs website management of the company by uploading and updating new contents, new products and services, updating financial performance of the company including financial statements.

Social Media postings and contents are performed as well, these tasks are performed by the department itself or through agencies dependent upon requirements and budgets of the organization.

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In this article we have tried to explain few responsibilities of marketing department.

This article is general in nature and does not pertain to any particular industry or organization.


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