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AKU EB Past Papers 2022

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We are delighted to announce that our website is now offering a fantastic resource for students, parents, and educators alike.  This aims to empower students with valuable tools for exam preparation, enabling them to excel in their studies.

Whether you are seeking to strengthen your knowledge, enhance your exam-taking skills, or simply gain a better understanding of the Agha Khan curriculum, our website is now your go-to destination.

We are thrilled to bring you this invaluable resource and look forward to supporting your academic journey.

Exam YearClassTypeSubject
2022IXQuestionArt Model Drawing Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionArt Model Drawing Paper II - IX
2022IXQuestionBiology Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionBusiness Studies Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionChemistry Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionCivics Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionComputer Science I - IX
2022IXQuestionEconomics Paper I - IX English
2022IXQuestionEconomics Paper I - IX Urdu
2022IXQuestionElements of Home Economics Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionEnglish Compulsory Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionEnglish Compulsory Paper II - IX
2022IXQuestionEthics Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionFood and Nutrition Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionGeneral Mathematics Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionGeneral Science Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionIslamiat Paper I - IX English
2022IXQuestionIslamiat Paper I - IX Urdu
2022IXQuestionMathematics Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionPakistan Studies Paper I - IX English
2022IXQuestionPakistan Studies Paper I - IX Urdu
2022IXQuestionPhysics Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionPrinciples of Accounting Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionUrdu Asan Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionUrdu Asan Paper II - IX
2022IXQuestionUrdu Compulsory Paper I - IX
2022IXQuestionUrdu Compulsory Paper II - IX
2022XQuestionArt Model Drawing Paper I - X
2022XQuestionArt Model Drawing Paper II - X
2022XQuestionBiology Paper I - X
2022XQuestionBusiness Studies Paper I - X
2022XQuestionChemistry Paper I - X
2022XQuestionCivics Paper I - X
2022XQuestionComputer Science I - X
2022XQuestionEconomics Paper I - X English
2022XQuestionEconomics Paper I - X Urdu
2022XQuestionElements of Home Economics Paper I - X
2022XQuestionEnglish Compulsory Paper I - X
2022XQuestionEnglish Compulsory Paper II - X
2022XQuestionEthics Paper I - X
2022XQuestionFood and Nutrition Paper I - X
2022XQuestionGeneral Mathematics Paper I - X
2022XQuestionGeneral Science Paper I - X
2022XQuestionIslamiat Paper I - X English
2022XQuestionIslamiat Paper I - X Urdu
2022XQuestionLiterature in English Paper I - X
2022XQuestionMathematics Paper I - X
2022XQuestionPakistan Studies Paper I - X English
2022XQuestionPakistan Studies Paper I - X Urdu
2022XQuestionPhysics Paper I - X
2022XQuestionPrinciples of Accounting Paper I - X
2022XQuestionSindhi Paper I - X
2022XQuestionSindhi Paper II - X
2022XQuestionUrdu Compulsory Paper I - X
2022XQuestionUrdu Compulsory Paper II - X
2022XIQuestionComputer Science Paper I - XI
2022XIQuestionEducation Paper I - XI
2022XIQuestionEnglish Paper I - XI
2022XIQuestionEnglish Paper II - XI
2022XIQuestionFine Arts MCQ Part I - XI
2022XIQuestionFine Arts CRQs Part II - XI
2022XIQuestionGeography Part I - XI
2022XIQuestionMathematics XI
2022XIQuestionPhysics MCQs - XI
2022XIQuestionPsychology Part I - XI
2022XIQuestionSociology - XI
2022XIQuestionUrdu Compulsory Part I - XI
2022XIQuestionUrdu Compulsory Part II - XI
2022XIIQuestionBiology Paper I - XII
2022XIIQuestionChemistry Paper I - XII
2022XIIQuestionComputer Studies Paper I - XII
2022XIIQuestionEconomics Part I - XII
2022XIIQuestionEducation I - XII
2022XIIQuestionEnglish Compulsory Paper I - XII
2022XIIQuestionEnglish Compulsory Paper II - XII
2022XIIQuestionFine Arts Paper I - XII
2022XIIQuestionFine Arts Paper II - XII
2022XIIQuestionGeography Paper I - XII
2022XIIQuestionIslamiat Paper I - XII English
2022XIIQuestionIslamiat Paper I - XII Urdu
2022XIIQuestionMathematics Paper I - XII
2022XIIQuestionPakistan Studies Paper I - XII English
2022XIIQuestionPakistan Studies Paper I - XII Urdu
2022XIIQuestionPhysics Paper I - XII
2022XIIQuestionPsychology Paper I - XII
2022XIIQuestionSociology Paper I - XII
2022XIIQuestionUrdu Paper I - XII
2022XIIQuestionUrdu Paper II - XII
2022IXAnswer KeyArt Model Drawing - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyBiology - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyChemistry - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyCivics - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyComputer Science - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyEconomics - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyEnglish Compulsory - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyEthics - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyFood and Nutrition - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyGeneral Mathematics - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyGeneral Science - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyIslamiat - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyMathematics - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyPakistan Studies - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyPhysics - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyPrinciple of Accounting - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyUrdu Asan - IX
2022IXAnswer KeyUrdu Compulsory - IX
2022XAnswer KeyBiology - X
2022XAnswer KeyBusiness Studies - X
2022XAnswer KeyChemistry - X
2022XAnswer KeyCivics - X
2022XAnswer KeyComputer Science - X
2022XAnswer KeyEconomics - X
2022XAnswer KeyElements of Home Economics - X
2022XAnswer KeyEnglish Compulsory - X
2022XAnswer KeyEthics - X
2022XAnswer KeyFood and Nutrition - X
2022XAnswer KeyGeneral Mathematics - X
2022XAnswer KeyGeneral Science - X
2022XAnswer KeyIslamiat - X
2022XAnswer KeyMathematics - X
2022XAnswer KeyPakistan Studies - X
2022XAnswer KeyPhysics - X
2022XAnswer KeyPrinciple of Accounting - X
2022XAnswer KeySindhi - X
2022XAnswer KeyUrdu Compulsory - X
2022XIAnswer KeyComputer Science - XI
2022XIAnswer KeyEducation - XI
2022XIAnswer KeyEnglish Compulsory - XI
2022XIAnswer KeyFine Arts - XI
2022XIAnswer KeyGeography - XI
2022XIAnswer KeyPsychology - XI
2022XIAnswer KeySociology - XI
2022XIAnswer KeyUrdu Compulsory - XI
2022XIIAnswer KeyComputer Science - XII
2022XIIAnswer KeyEconomics - XII
2022XIIAnswer KeyEducation - XII
2022XIIAnswer KeyEnglish Compulsory - XII
2022XIIAnswer KeyFine Arts - XII
2022XIIAnswer KeyGeography - XII
2022XIIAnswer KeyIslamiat - XII
2022XIIAnswer KeyMathematics - XII
2022XIIAnswer KeyPakistan Studies - XII
2022XIIAnswer KeyPhysics - XII
2022XIIAnswer KeyPsychology - XII
2022XIIAnswer KeySociology - XII
2022XIIAnswer KeyUrdu Compulsory - XII

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